How to tell your boss you quit 

December 06, 2021, 09:01:13
How to tell your boss you quit 

Yes, it finally happened – you got the job you’ve dreamt about! But before you dive into it, there is one thing you have to do – to tell your employer you’re leaving. We agree that only one thought can make you feel nervous, but we ask you not to worry. In our article, we’ll find out the best ways to speak with your boss about your leaving and how to maintain good relations with your former colleagues. 

How NOT to tell your employer about quitting

The reality shows that many people want to leave their job at the peak of their career, and they can’t wait to tell their boss about it. Yes, it’s a rather great thing, but there is nothing smart about it, friendly speaking. Now, we’ll share the worst-ever ways of how to tell your employer you’re leaving:

  • The most common way is not coming to the job at all. Just turn off your phone and don’t tell anybody that you will never come to work again.
  • Making a big scene with dramatically taking all your stuff and screaming about your quitting.
  • Posting a leaving video on YouTube where you say awful words about your employer and colleagues. 
  • Posting news about your quitting on your social media accounts. Be sure that your employer will know this news before you tell them directly.
  • Discuss it with your colleagues. The gossips share quickly, and again, your boss will know it before you come to him and share this “good” news.
  • Performing your duties poorly. It means discharging duties, watching movies, or playing games instead of doing the job.
  • Writing a letter to the boss. Those afraid to look into the boss’s eyes and directly tell about their leaving prefer this method.
  • Making a complete explosion. Those who have seen the “Office Space” movie will understand what we mean. 

Now we’ll give you some recommendations on how to get ready for this complicated conversation:

  • Get ready to quit: Once you decide to leave, you need to carefully think about the things you will say to your director when explaining your quitting. We also suggest you not say any bad things because you’ll probably need a recommendation or something else one day. Besides, you need to clean up your computer, tablets, and other gadgets and get rid of unnecessary files. Plus, do not forget to review your email.
  • Find a quiet place for a conversation: Since this conversation is complicated, you need to find a calm place and the right time for it. Based on experience, the best way is a personal meeting with your administration.
  • Speak with your employer and tell him that you’re leaving a job: In this case, we advise you to keep calm and don’t get nervous. Here, you should never forget the things that you have to say to your boss. His reaction to this news can be different. And you should be ready for any scenario. 
  • Make up a transition plan. We also recommend you make up a duties list and plan how and who can perform them. This way, your follower can quickly adapt to the job. 
  • Make a letter of resignation: Here, you should explain the reasons for your leaving, name your last workday, and thank everybody for all opportunities and knowledge this job has given to you.
  • Leave the job with dignity: Sometimes, the employer asks the worker to leave immediately. You need to be ready for it. In any case, we recommend you leaving the job with dignity and on good note. 
  • Maintain contact with your former colleagues. Probably, you’ll need their help. 

You’re quitting the job – how to explain it to your boss?

When leaving, we need to explain the reasons for our decision. Below, we’ll share some legal reasons for quitting:

  • Organization changes
  • Workers’ firing
  • The employer does everything to make you leave the job
  • You cannot build work relation with someone
  • After some time of starting to work, you’ve understood that it’s not that you’ve expected
  • A new stage in your professional career path
  • You’ve found a job of your dream
  • Problems with health
  • Studying
  • Family issues
  • Starting your own business

This is all we’ve wanted to share about how to tell your employer you’re quitting the job. Yes, you can be full of emotions about leaving your previous period of life behind. But you need always remember that new great things are waiting for you. And they’re worth celebrating!